Crescent Cushion

Yoga is the strongest remedy for every health issue. In the present times when pollution is spreading at a fast speed, we all are victims of various health hazards. To keep ourselves fit and healthy, it is very important that we spend some time in meditation and yoga. The quality of meditation accessories does matter to a great extent in the yoga classes.

Dee Dee Exports is a high-quality yoga accessories manufacturer which produces beautiful crescent cushions. The main task of these cushions is to give relaxation to knees, thighs, and hips while performing yoga. Our crescent cushions contain pure and organic cotton which absorbs the sweat fully providing a cool touch to your thighs.

There are some more interesting features of crescent cushion which are as follows:

  • These cushions open wide like a heart when the person sits on them.
  • They have less weight which gives you comfort to carry them anywhere-be it yoga class or garden.
  • They contain natural fiber so that your skin won't get any allergies or side effects.
  • Kapok fiber is beneficial for hips and thighs.
  • You can wash the crescent cushions with hands or in the washing machine.
  • Several beautiful colors are available according to the choice of customers.
  • The cushions are also produced using different fibers.
  • They are very comfortable to use in yoga classes.

Our company is a growing yoga accessories exporter having customers in various countries. We interact with the customers and focus on their demands. The yoga accessories manufactured by us have a long life. Our company makes use of bright colors, artistic patterns and stunning designs which give the meditation accessories a classy look.

You cannot judge a product by merely seeing it. We would like to serve you with the best yoga accessories which will make your yoga session a special one each day.

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