Neti Pot

Yoga has taken a special part of our lives nowadays. With increasing burden of work, the amount of stress and depression tends to go up. Yoga helps to decrease the stress and depression by giving strength to our body. We at DEE DEE Exports work with a goal to fulfill every demand of yoga performers by providing them best meditation accessories at reasonable rates.

We all know how polluted the air is today. The pollution from chemical factories and heavy industries keeps on circulating in our beautiful environment to destroy it. In such dirty polluted vicinity, it is important that we take care of ourselves by cleaning our nose so that we do not take in the polluted air. We produce some of the most effective neti pots for our customers to give them a safe nasal cleaning.

Our neti pots are best to use and you can trust its quality as well. Let us discuss more of its features in detail.

  • They are available in beautiful colors to give you a wide choice to pick your favorite one.
  • They clean your nose from within so that you can breathe fresh air without any difficulty.
  • Virgin plastic is used in making of these neti pots which cannot be easily damaged by a hit or a fall.
  • You can take them easily in some bag due to its less weight.

We aim to make our company a large yoga accessories exporter by expanding our business to many countries of the world. There are no toxic chemicals used while making these neti pots as health is our first concern.

Our company is a trusted yoga accessories manufacturer which has been producing the fine quality neti pots from last 19 years. Invest your money and trust in our meditation accessories and we assure to give you the best.

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